CAACH 美术班小朋友作品展示
Caach Caach Caach Caach 6 years ago

Night City 夜幕下的城市    … Read More

School celebrates with energy, color
caach caach 7 years ago

Published: Sunday, February 22, 2015 6:05 AM PST Folk dances and dizzying martial art demonstration… Read More

CAACH 新年联欢晚会 Chinese New Year Celebration
caach caach 7 years ago

CAACH 新年联欢晚会, 以下是一些当晚精彩画面,祝大家新春愉快.   Read More

奇諾崗美華協會 ~ 新春活動!
caach caach 7 years ago

新春活動~節目介紹! 节目单Program 新年贺词   舞蹈Folk Dance:《最炫民族风》 表演者(performers):  Pomona Senior club… Read More

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